Stoker Creative is a keen young outfit fueled by some serious passion for brand development. Started by a dynamic duo with a high-performance background, Stoker was built with the intention of creating clever and polished brands. With qualification and experience in numerous creative facets, we call on versatility, knowledge and skill to produce top-shelf creative solutions that you and your market will love.

With a bit of Stoker creativity we can take the embers you’re running on and stoke them into flames.

Get amongst it and get in touch.

We’ll take you from EMBERS TO FLAMES


You need to be reputable. We can help.

Your public image and the way you’re presented has a huge bearing on your credibility. You need to have strong branding, giving consumers and stakeholders confidence that you provide the best package. That’s our bread and butter.

We treat you brand like it's our own.

You can take confidence in the fact that we pride ourselves on delivering the best and we’ll work on your project like it was our own. Big or small, we’ll give it 100%

We are current.

We make sure we are up-to-date with the latest developments in the branding and design world so you know you’ll be contending with the best.

We love what we do.

You’ll struggle to find anybody more passionate than us. What better people to have working with you? We’re fizzing to get amongst it, and it’s not [just] the caffeine.

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  • David Mabbott
    David MabbottChief Innovator

    Has a hawk-eye for detail and creative hand steadier than a swiss watch maker.

  • Miguel Gonzales
      Miguel GonzalesIntern

      Stoker’s latest intern –¬†fresh to the country on a working OE. He doesn’t monkey around.